APR 19 - 21 2022 Opens: 6:00 AM PDT

Genetics Virtual Week 2022

Labroots is excited to announce our 10th Annual Genetics Virtual Week held on April 19-21, 2022!

Genetics Virtual Week 2022 will offer a multi-day content-rich program combining stellar expertise from world-renowned keynote and featured speakers in the areas of Genetics & Genomics an expanding field of biology and human health, Molecular Diagnostics, exploring best laboratory practices and novel diagnostic applications, and Precision Medicine, spanning innovative technologies and solutions transforming healthcare and changing how patients are treated today.  

Over the three days, invited lectures, thought-provoking discussions, and posters will be presented by academia and industry experts, professionals in medical and clinical genetics, scientific leaders, and research scholars.

Last year's Genetics Virtual Week included the following tracks:

Genetics and Genomics

Advancements in Genomic Technologies

  • Genome Editing
  • Single Cell Genomics
  • Spatial Genomics

Sex, Epigenetics, Aging, and Disease

  • Sex Differences in Disease
  • Epigenetics Clock

New Approaches in the Genetics of Disease

  • Improving GWAS through Functional Filtering
  • Genetic Drivers of Regulatory Networks
  • LRS to increase the solve rate of undiagnosed diseases

Long-read Sequencing

  • Structural Variation
  • Telomere-to-Telomere Genome Assemblies
  • Full-length RNA-Sequencing & Isoform Identification
  • Metagenomics (or complex populations)


Molecular Diagnostics

Emerging Technologies and Methodologies in Molecular Diagnostics

  • Trends Towards Higher Complexity (PCR-NGS-single gene sequencing-panels-exome-WGS)
  • High-throughput Technologies
  • Customization and Increased Applicability of Panel Testing (respiratory infection pathogen panels)
  • CRISPR-based Diagnostics

Liquid Biopsies (Cancer Monitoring and Screening)

  • Kits and Panels
  • Companion Diagnostics

Infectious Disease Diagnostics - COVID-19 Testing

  • COVID-19 (Diagnostics: RT-PCR & Antigen)
  • Antibody Testing
  • Public Health and Screening
  • FDA EUA Process & Evolvement
  • Point of Care Testing


Precision Medicine

Therapeutics in Precision Medicine

  • Gene Therapy / Nucleic Acid Modification
  • Rare Disease / Orphan
  • Current Status of Companion and Complementary Diagnostics

Precision Medicine in Clinical Practice

  • Pharmacogenomics as a clinical tool
  • Implementation and Adoption of precision medicine in routine clinical care

The Role of Technology in Precision Medicine

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Software Tools

Call for Posters — Virtual poster sessions offer the opportunity to present data to a global audience via a PDF poster and video summary and discuss results with interested colleagues through email. Plan now to have your poster included in the 2021 Genetics Virtual Week. Submit your abstract here.

Our virtual conference allows you to participate in a global setting with no travel or cost to you. The event will remain open for 2 years from the date of the live event, and the webinars will be available for unlimited on-demand viewing. This virtual conference also offers increased reach for the global genetics community with a high degree of interaction through live-streaming video and chat sessions.

Continuing Education – Labroots is approved as a provider of continuing education programs in the clinical laboratory sciences by the ASCLS P.A.C.E. ® Program. By attending this event, you can earn 1 Continuing Education credit per presentation for a maximum of 50 credits. This event will also provide CEU's for Genetic Counselors and is pending approval by the NSGC.

Use #LRgenetics to follow the conversation!

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  • Shawn Baker

    Dr. Shawn C. Baker is the Chief Science Officer and co-founder of AllSeq. Having received his Ph.D. at the University of California - Davis, he started his career as a Research Scientist at Illumina when it was a 15-person startup. After spending several years at the bench ...

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  • Agnieszka Caruso

    Agnieszka is currently a Staff Scientist and Laboratory Manager at TessArae, LLC in Sterling, VA, USA. She obtained her PhD at the University of Queensland in Australia in a field of biochemistry, and subsequently worked as a post-doctoral fellow at Queen's University of Belfast ...

    See more See less
  • Sarah Elsea

    Dr. Sarah H. Elsea is an Associate Professor of Molecular and Human Genetics at Baylor College of Medicine and is Senior Division Director of Biochemical Genetics at Baylor Genetics. Dr. Elsea earned a B.S. in chemistry from Missouri State University and Ph.D. in biochemistry ...

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  • Emily Hollister

    Dr. Emily Hollister is a microbial ecologist and serves as the Vice President for Information Technology & Analytics at Diversigen, Inc. Prior to joining Diversigen, Dr. Hollister served as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology & Immunology at Baylor College of ...

    See more See less
  • Eugean Jiwanmall

    Eugean Jiwanmall's past professional experiences include basic science and clinical research. In his current role as a Senior Research Analyst for Medical Policy & Technology Evaluation at Independence Blue Cross' Claim Payment Policy Department within Facilitated Health ...

    See more See less
  • Mark Kiel, PhD

    Dr. Mark Kiel is Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer at Genomenon, where he oversees the company's scientific direction and product development. After spending 15 years preparing for a life of academic research, Mark became convinced that revolutionary change in genomics was ...

    See more See less
  • Jonas Korlach

    Jonas Korlach was appointed Chief Scientific Officer of Pacific Biosciences in July 2012. He was previously a Scientific Fellow, supporting commercial development of the PacBio RS II system and performing research aimed at developing new applications for SMRT technologies. He ...

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  • Tatjana Matejic

    Tatjana is an immunologist with more than two decades of experience working at biotech and pharma companies from start-ups to large global corporations ( Pfizer,Inc. being the latest), contributing significantly to team efforts and successes of more than thirty early and clinical ...

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  • Molly McGinniss

    Molly McGinniss, MS, LCGC is a Senior Market Development Manager for Illumina's "Healthy Genome Initiatives" team. Her current role focuses on advancing the use of whole genome sequencing in clinical care by providing access and education to healthy individuals through the ...

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  • John Quackenbush

    John Quackenbush is Professor of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics and Chair of the Department of Biostatistics at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health and Professor of Biostatistics and Computational Biology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. John's PhD was in ...

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  • Fritz Sedlazeck

    Dr. Fritz Sedlazeck completed his PhD in 2012 in the group of Dr. Arndt von Haeseler at the Max F. Perutz Laboratory in Vienna. After a two year postdoc, he transitioned to the lab of Dr. Michael Schatz at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and later to Johns Hopkins University. Since ...

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  • Tao Wu

    Dr. Tao Wu received his B.S. from Nankai University a leading academic institution in China. In his last year at college, his reading of "What Is Life? The Physical Aspect of the Living Cell" (by physicist Erwin Schrödinger, 1944) inspired him to pursue a career in deciphering ...

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  • Dorottya Nagy-Szakal, MD PhD

    Dorottya earned her MD and PhD in clinical medicine from Semmelweis University of Medicine in Hungary. Holding postdoctoral fellowships at Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children's Hospital and Columbia University, she has 10+ years of experience in translational medicine ...

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  • Louisa Ive, MSc HCPC

    Louisa Ive, MSc HCPC, received her undergraduate education at University College London, London and completed her Clinical Scientist training at St George's University Hospital, London. She is a practicing Clinical Scientist, certified by the Health & Care Professions Council and ...

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  • Medhat Mahmoud, PhD

    Degree: Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Science, Poznań, Poland. Postdoc fellow in Human Genome Sequencing Center, Baylor College of Medicine... Interests: I'm interested in studying genomic variants and their effect, including the ...

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